About us

Ritex – Research and Textile Testing lab

Ritex is a research and textile testing laboratory, accredited by Accredia with No.0315.
The laboratory is specialized in technological tests (physical-mechanical tests and color fastness) and chemical analysis (ecotoxicology) for the textile and clothing industry, leather and accessories.


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After several years spent in doing analytical activity and research on problems encountered in textiles, we can state to know textiles, dyeing and finishing, the quality performance and the critical points of the manufacturing process and product.We are able to identify in advance potential defectiveness on garments and fabrics.


Our force begins here, but that isn’t all.


Our experience in the field of textile and clothing industry leads us to know the safety requirements of products and the compliance of the labelling as required by each country worldwide.


At last but not least what differentiates us is our skill in talking with our customers, our fully availability to on discuss technical and normative aspects with competent and friendly advice.


Ritex is part of Ecochem Group S.p.A.